If it's brown cut it down, if it's green leave it be

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I have worked in horticulture for almost 15 years, In a wide variety of aspects.
I began my horticulture career when I was 15, I had a two week work experience in my local garden centre, I was hooked straight away, I'm not sure if it was the fact that I was working, because I didn't like school!
From here I worked weekends and holidays.  It was a great place to learn plant names, and also get some experience with my own private jobs.
After school, I went on to study a degree in horticulture, at The National Botanic Gardens, Dublin.As part of my degree, I completed a 4 month internship in the Staten Island Botanic Gardens, New York, in conjunction with Ohio State University.After university I worked on a links golf course, during my time here, we hosted the Woman's Irish Open.  After I left the same golf course went on to host it again.I spent a year working as a native English speaking teacher in S. KoreaI also spent two years working on farms in Australia, and 2 years in new zealand, where I was landscaping, and worked in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens


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